Thursday, February 20, 2020

Timemazine Volume #11

Timemazine is a fantastic full colour magazine about psychedelic rock. The main focus is digging up old folks from obscure 60s bands and interviewing them about what it was like back then and now for them.  Lots of amazing stories from bands that I have never heard of as some are quite obscure and others more famous.  I really enjoyed this issue a lot with interviews with JR Nichols from The beat of the Earth, Roy Blumenfeld from the Blues Project, Dan Norton from Expedition to Earth, and Damian Bell fro Maypole. A long interview with Klaus Esser who played in the early Amon Duul was very interesting.  Also covered are some of the new bands like Atomic Simao, Dury Dava, De Loirans, Dire Wolves….. also lots of contemporary album reviews. My fave article this issue though is the 1968 psych overview. Wow.. so many cool records came out that year. I have to say I have not heard that many of the ones covered though. The magazine comes with a CD compilation packed full of cool music as well as a 7” vinyl edition of the mag. This month it is the Greek Psych band, Crystal Thoughts. You can get a copy at the link below. 

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