Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Atomic Mold- Hybrid Slow Flood (Electric Valley Records EVR014)

This is the 2nd album from this mostly instrumental Italian trio and features 4 tracks. The opening doomy track Hypnosis (See video below) starts things off and features a sort of dreamy vocal like Mars Red Sky. This track is pretty repetitive and almost totally riffs and heavy bass and drums. I Fall is a nearly 14min track. This track could have been quite a bit shorter as nothing that interesting happens for quite a long time just minor variations on the heavy stoned riff. Around 11:20, they double the tempo and the dreamy vocal returns briefly. Woodline is a 19 min track that starts as a small variation on the current hypnotic doom repetition and it slows down and is a bit spacey at the end and then finally we get some pretty cool lead guitar with wah and some other effects starting around 5-6mins and running for quite a while before the riffs return and then another long section with some cool guitar work.  This track is by far the best and most interesting track on the record. Yellow Crocodile is a shorter and fast rocker to end the album. A bit like Motorhead to start and a nice change of pace before a more stoner doom groove kicks in. This one rocks!

Fans of bands like Monolord, Mars Red Sky….

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