Saturday, March 24, 2018

Spatial Moods- Terra (Clostridium CR033)

Spatial Moods is a new mostly instrumental band from Lima, Peru. The band is lead by guitarist Jorge Apaza, who also recorded, mixed and mastered the record. Side A is studio material, from the bands EP called Terra. Side B is live from the Cueva Sessions recorded May 26th, 2014).  The mastering or mix job is very bass heavy, I had to nearly turn my subwoofer off to make it listenable. The labels for the sides are just two images and each side is 5 tracks and since the music is all-instrumental it is impossible to know which side is which. What I write below might be for the opposite sides. Sorry but it is really stupid to not label the sides when both have 5 tracks.

Side A (?) starts with Jupiter and some intense bass and spacey guitars. Habasis features some delay guitars and synths underneath as the bass and drums slowly increase the pace of the track.  The synth is almost like a siren in the background as the guitar freaks out and is tortured a bit. Trippy. Venus has a strange start with an uncertain direction and far out noodling and some vocalizations in the background. Really crazy fucked up guitar on this one and quite in your face. A bit too much this one, as there is a total disconnect between the drums/bass and guitars. Cha 110913 has some spacey stuff mixed way to the back as the jam sort of takes shape and Jorge lets rip his most intense solo yet. Sedna ends the side and starts with a faded up bass line before the lead guitar plays a pretty normal more melodic solo. Some strange stuff going on in the background as the intensity of the guitar increases. The pace of the track slows down towards the end.

Side B (?) starts with Mom & Goliardos and features some really cool spacey delay guitars over the powerful bass line and drums. Arturo (2nd guitar and synths), is making some spacey sounds out there as well and then a heavier guitar riff takes the track to a new level while the really spacey guitar digs into your brain. Cool psychedelic track.  Papá, por qué me hiciste eso?  You can hear the two guitars more clearly, one making spaced out sounds and the other playing the melody line. When Jorge kicks in with the lead, you are taken in another direction. There is some really intense drumming (I don’t really like the sound of the drums though, sorry) on this jam track as well. Los Gritos de Hernan features a sort of funky wah guitar in the front and a more spacey guitar mixed far to the back. A lot of energy in this hard hitting track with a epic classic rock like guitar solo at the end. Continnum & Vesbujo has some really psychedelic guitar and it is mixed in a cool way. It gets funky at the end. Adios ends side B and is a quite fast track with a better drum mix and the bass mixed more into the track and not so in your face. Guitar is far out, man. If you like to hear some very intense guitar playing you will probably dig this release. Pretty cool stuff. 

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