Saturday, February 24, 2018

Vespero- Shum-Shir (Vespero Music VMS002)

Vespero are a very prolific mostly instrumental Russian band from Moscow.  This is the bands 18th CD or CD-R since 2004, plus some EPs as well.  The basic album features 5 tracks. The LP version of this was released last year on Tonzonen Records. This CD version also has 4 additional live tracks, including 2 from this album. The title track starts things off and this one reminds me a lot of early Korai Öröm with the percussive nature, mid section drum solo with sampled vocal but the lead instrument here is the violin in the first section and then a nice long guitar solo after the drum solo. Excellent track. Isadore’s Dance is a nicely flowing track with great melodic sections and some fantastic bass playing. Gaya’s Dance starts with some deep bass and synths as it slowly builds up and he drums kick in. The pace is pretty fast with an e-bow like guitar taking the lead section followed by a long violin solo with some cool effects. A bit like ROVO now…  Gulli’s Dance also reminds me of ROVO, especially the excellent violin playing. I love the way the bass guitar is mixed on this track. Actually, the sound production is really good overall.  Hapi ends the record (there is still the bonus material!).  This is a beautiful and more relaxed and floating track with some nice samples. Great way to end this mostly uptempo album. Great stuff..

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