Thursday, August 4, 2016

Colour Haze- Live Vol 1 Europa Touree 2015 (Elektrohasch 060)

Colour Haze is back with a new live album, a double CD or triple LP documenting the best of their shows from 2015. This is the first in a series of live albums by the band.  I did not get to see them on this tour but it was good to hear songs from the last couple of records. Transformation (hear a version from London 2015 below), She Said and To the Highest Gods we know (My fave song from the last album) were great versions. The rest of the set is exactly the same set of old and tired tracks that bands has not been able to let go of since 2008 or even earlier… Except for Periscope, all of the tracks not off the last two records are the same as on the Burg Herzberg  2008 and played more or less the same. Great sound, great songs and great vibe.. What can I say…. Colour Haze are a great German band…. Their fans will dig this but I hope the next live Vol 2 is not the same songs again…. Perhaps a much older show when they were much more adventurous with the set lists.. 

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