Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Ulysses- Law and Order (Black Glove Recordings BGCD002)

This is a fairly new UK band from Bath. They have one full length and EP released prior to this record. The band really wears its influences on their sleeve, so to speak. Borrowing or stealing great ideas from a lot of old bands. Some of it is quite cheesy 60s-early 70s Sweet, The Monkees feel to it and other times just great rock and roll… The title track starts things off and is a pop rock track, quite funny and catchy. Smiling reminds me of Mungo Jerry. Lady has a bit harder guitar riff but returns with another catchy chorus that is very much like the Stones. Track has a nice guitar solo but short. Crazy Horses ride the Snake reminded my wife of Badfinger! Dirty Weekend is a catchy foot stomping, hand clamping track with some slide guitar. A bit Sweet and then an AC/DC vocal at the end (Dirty Deeds done dirty cheap). Mary Jane (not about marijuana) is a lot like the Sweet, especially the chorus parts and the slightly harder guitar riff at times. Song that has to be Sung features Rosalie from Purson on vocals in addition to Luke. It is a more laid back track with acoustic guitar to start but then really rocks out after 2 mins. Typical Scorpio is another short catchy number. Come on this City’s Gone has a more foot tamping tempo and a tiny refrain that reminds of Thin Lizzy and more handclaps! Yellow Sunshine #1 and 2 are next and remind of the late 60s the way that the vocals are sung. Yellow #2 is a funky track but continues the lyrical thread of the previous track despite the musical departure. This is also the only track on the album with a long guitar solo. How Long is the last track on this CD and a more hard rocking track but with some beach boys like choruses A quite varied album with a lot of borrowed elements but pretty fun in the end. Check them out!!!

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