Saturday, April 2, 2016

Causa Sui- Reach to Sky (El Paraiso Records ELP030LP)

Causa Sui is back with a new studio album. Euporie Tide (2013) was a bit more crafted, composed compared to the new one. This has a more organic feel some how. The first edition of this record came with a limited edition 10” record (300 copies) with hand painted sleeves in black, red and green.  Dust Meridian starts off side A with Jacob on the drums and then Jess comes in with the bass line and the band starts to kick into it with some synth sounds by Rasmus and a guitar line by Jonas joining slowly and at his own pace.  The guitar riff gets harder and heavier after Rasmus’s farfisa work and the dynamic changes and the wah guitar lashed out here and there. A long organ solo follows before it all builds up one last time and makes a mellow landing. The Source starts with a heavier “Philip from Colourhaze” like bass line to get the piece going. This is one of the heavier tracks the band has made in some years with a pretty monster riff and a cool effect pedal change at the transitions that gives it this sort of Eastern feel.  This ones also fades out into space at the end. Mondo Buzzo has these really nice intermixed melodies with the guitar and keyboard at the start as the track slowly gains momentum. A great stoner rock riff kicks in and Jonas makes a double tracked guitar solo that gives it this psychedelic feeling. Like the other tracks, this one also ends in a very laid back and spacey fashion with Rasmus playing some cool layered stuff at the end. Dawn Passage starts with a strumming dreamy guitar line before the drums and bass kicks in. This one really builds up in a cool way with a repetitive guitar and bass line and then. Not a lot of lead guitar solos on the record.  Return to Sky is the 11 min closer and it starts with a really nice floating keyboard and guitar melody that repeats over and over for a while until the band takes a step in another direction. A long section with a repeated synth line makes it really dreamy and spacey as Jonas plays some wah delay guitar that very gently layers into the music. The extra 10” if you were lucky to get one includes two 12mins pieces that really are more heavy and jamming starting off with 16-02-16 which features some longer guitar solos and Jonas is more at the center. Very cool piece, maybe my favorite on this LP. Flip it over and it might be that the jam that faded out just continues…… but side B starts with a heavy distorted bass and then Jonas kicks in with a powerful riff as well. Layering on the fuzz…. This one eventually drifts off into a similar space that the band was on the LP with some nice layers from Rasmus on the synths. Love the sound that band has achieved on this record with the drums and all the instruments. Great work guys…

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