Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Deamons Child- Scherben Müssen Sein (Zygmatron Productions ZYG4)

Deamon’s Child are a German trio that plays some pretty intense and wild heavy metal with a kind of punk attitude at times. The title of the CD means “there must be Shards”.  The CD features 8 tracks with titles and lyrics all in German. Ana who sings and plays bass has a very intense and interesting voice. She is backed up by Tim on Drums and Sven on guitars. Das Vogellied starts things off. The guitar is very heavy metal with powerful drums and guitars and simple bass lines but they play with intensity! The fast guitar lines are quite melodic and sometimes the vocal as well. Quite a long track with a lot of movements. They site the Melvins as a big influence. Hum?? Zucker is very intense and reminds me of Ministry with a female vocalist.  Keine Zeit is a really fast track with speed metal like guitar and drums to start. Powerful thrash metal like stuff until the vocals when it slows down. Fucking intense. Geld is also very heavy metal riff rock (not many guitar solos). If you understand German you will get more out of this than I can on this track with all these start stop, fast, slow sections and a powerful ending. Schweinehund starts with some different style of drumming and back and forth with a plucked bass and guitar riff kicking in here and there before it all takes off. This track is totally different and sort of throws you off a bit but I like the change. Monster features a few English words but is another pretty intense and in your face track with a more noisy soundtrack at times. In Kinderschuhen is a track with a strange manipulated sample of some sort. The CD ends with Nichts, which starts off with like a choir of voices and a heavy more drony guitar before the drums and bass kicks in. Heavy riffy stuff and instrumental for the first 6mins and they go through some heavy parts til the end… Interesting record.


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