Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Bari Watts- There was a Time (Dark Skies Music CD007)

I have been following Bari Watts music career for many years and hoping he would make another record. While a brilliant musician, he is not the most productive, having released less then 10 records in 40 years but we don’t care about that. A new Bari record is here and his first solo release since 1997, when he released Soul Catcher.  This record is totally different and basically a tribute to Marc Bolan and T-Rex.  The CD features 15 songs that range from the folk like opening title track to the more poppy happy psychedelic Ratskull, with Bolan like vocals, hand claps, and nice acoustic guitar. While Bair is primarily known as a Hendrix inspired guitarist, here he shows many more sides to his music talents as he played all the instruments you here except for the bass, drum kit (only on 3 songs, and Jules Fenton fills in here) and you have Nick Saloman guesting on sitar guitar on Come Little Children.  It is a very diverse record but also fun songs. Bari sings in a totally different style except a few tracks where his voice that I am used to hearing on Outskirts of Infinity and his solo works appears. There are only a few electric guitar solos and rock songs like Demon Love, Fly with the Silver Swan and Boogie Mama.  Anyway, this was a huge surprise and I really like it a lot..  Great work Bari.. I will have to go check out some Marc Bolan and T-Rex stuff now..

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