Saturday, June 21, 2014

Seven that Spells- The Death and Resurrection of Krautrock: IO (Sulatron ST1404-2)

The amazing Croatian band, 7 that Spells is back with another mind bender (recorded in November 2013). In II starts things off with some frantic drumming and then some very repetitive guitar and bass playing to compliment as the track builds. I love the melody on this one. The title track, IO, starts with a nice sung part by the bass player, Jeremy White, who also sings more throughout the track. It has a very nice melody played by Niko (the official madman of the band!), while Nikola keeps the drumming steady and flowing. The track gets really spacey towards the end before building up again. I really like the eastern guitar themes played in this track. It goes through a lot of changes of the 18mins. Cool song. The third track is simply called One and it is very short with some noisy and a nice piano played by Albin. Burning Blood again starts with some like chanting vocals, throat singing (Nicola Ursoveic) and slowly builds up with a distinct guitar line. The singing and guitar gain in intensity and Niko goes for the first guitar solo and then comes back for a more frantic and wild one as the hypnotic groove mesmerizes. The vocals return and then at 7mins the track returns back to where it started with a return to the original theme. Around 8½ mins the last part of the song enters into a more psychedelic frenzy with lots of crazy guitar panned out to the left and right. At 12mins a phone starts to ring for 2mins and then the next track starts right away. The last song, Out II, has a more or less repeated riff that goes on over and over and over for some time and is the same as the opening track called In II. Far out man…

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