Saturday, February 8, 2014

Dog & Sky- Denver (Crispin Glover Records NONE5CGR030)

Dog & Sky is a collaboration between Americans Matt Burt and Michael Dutch with three Norwegians from Trondheim. Matt writes all the lyrics, plays the guitar and sings (or speaks), while Michael plays the bass and mandolin, while Eirik (saxophone, piano, glückespiel, tablas, tambura), Truels (guitar, vibraphone, dobro, piano and backing vocals), and Vigdis (drums and backing vocals) make up the band. I this have heard record many time now and am pretty hooked even though it is nothing I would have bought unless someone pushed me in the right direction. Anyway, Denver starts off with a sound sample and a slow steady bass, drum and simple guitar line while Matt sings/speaks very slowly. It has an upbeat section where it becomes more “normal” for a brief period of time before the horns and all other instruments kick in and you wonder just what happened? Cool song. Jail Cells starts with some pedal steel and then the track starts to develop a bit of Americana but with a very cool and unique feel. Woman on the Corner, Matt changes his vocal approach and sings in a bit of high range as this track has an almost strange punky vibe. Reminds me of some of the Sub pop stuff by bands like Beat Happening.. Side B starts off with Sometime a Woman and it reminds me of someone that I just can’t place. The way the vocals, guitar and saxophone are played.. Ugh.. who is it??? Holding Hands has slow and fast parts and tells a nice story in this more mainstream track and features the mandolin. The Midnight Hiker is a very strange spoken word story with only minimal mood music. I found it quite a daring thing to add to the record but I actually liked it a lot. Great record.

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