Sunday, October 20, 2013

Horisont, Nocturnal and Demon Head- Stengade 30, København 10/19/13

I was a bit tired after being out til 4am the night before at my friend Magnus's 40th birthday party but since my friend Tom was playing in Horisont, I had to pull myself together and come out and see him, hang out and rock with my other friends, two of which were DJ'ing.. Saw quite a number of people and intact, the drummer Birk, who has played a lot in ØSC the last two years and he and his brother Thor were the guitarists in this new Danish band Demon Head.

I arrived early and Tom and i hung out for an hour in the dressing room while he played guitar and we talked about live in Scandinavia, all the different band projects he had going and what I was doing as well. Just such a super guy..  I went upstairs about 21:45 and set up my microphones and was surprised that the place was half filled. Great turn out.

Demon Head started right at 22 and played for about 45mins. All young kids and playing music in the style of 70s Pentagram. The lead singer, he does a decent Bobbly Liebling stye vocals and they had a lot of pretty cool songs. I think the weak point for the band at the moment is the lead guitar but at least they did have solos and not just all riffing. I think they have a lot of potential and this was only the bands 2nd live gig. Enjoy the video. 

Set List:  ?,  ?, Master of Confusion, Demon Head, Ride the Wilderness, ?

Nocturnal, are from Linköping, Sweden and have made a couple of records and 7"s. I saw some of their set at Heavy Days in Doomtown this year but man, they were really great tonight. The guitar player has this special guitar cabinet with like a 12" horn in the bottom and a Leslie like cabinet in the top that he can switch back and forth and that gave him a really cool guitar sound at times. They were more loose and jammy than I remember the last time and I really dug then. Crowd seemed into it as well but there were fewer people than for Demon Head. They also played about 45mins. I did not shoot any video as there were these tall guys right in the front of the stage and there was not decent spot to shoot a video.

Set List: Until the Morning Light, Magic Times, ?, ?, One of a Kind, Wait

After 30mins or so, as they had to change out the entire drum kit and remic it, Horisont were ready to hit the stage. They opened up with the Wolf, a sort of NWOBHM style track, in fact I think a lot of the new stuff, and we heard 8 out of 10 of the songs from their 3rd record, is NWOBHM inspired. The singer is just amazing. What a fucking voice but he is also intense. Tom sounded fantastic playing with these guys and I guess he did about 60% of the solos. The other guitar player is also great and they both play Les Paul guitar's. Very high energy stuff and some great older songs as well like Unseen and Nightrider from the 1st record. They also did 2 from Second Assault, including the title track. They played about 45mins and then came out for a three song encore. About an hour in total. I am not sure why they play such short shows and never really do any jamming.. All the songs are around 3-4mins and played really straight. Great band and I highly recommend them. 

Set List: Wolf, On the Run, Writing on the Wall, Unseen, Second Assault, Brother, Crusaders of Death, Time Warriors, Vand Tilback, Backstreets, Just ain't Right, Diamonds in Orbit, Visa Vågen, Eyes of the Father, Nightrider

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