Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Øresund Space Collective, The Carpet Knights, ILDHU, Sumo Sun- Dæmonen’s Port, Copenhagen Aug 24th, 2013

This was a very special night of music to celebrate my 50th year on this planet we call Earth. Where have I been previously, only one other knows.. Anyway, we had a dinner with a lot of my friends and the members of these great bands at my place before we all headed down the street to the club around 21:15. I arrived just before 22 and Sumo Sun started right off. This was the bands debut concert. IT is the new music project by Stefan Krey (Gas Giant, ILDHU, ØSC, etc..). The band has existed under this name for the last 5 years and made a record with all different members except the drummer (Helge, who lives in Iceland). Anyway, on this night, the band debuted 45mins of all new music with Stefan handling all the lead vocals and guitars. The music was a mixture of David Gilmour recent solo material, Steven Wilson and Porcupine style tracks. A lot of dynamics, and things for the band to remember. The opening and one other tracks were instrumental. It was fun to see Stefan taking his music in another direction. Let’s see where this ends but this is at least the start.

          Next up, the old Gas Giant, jam project that has gone under the name of ILDHU, which is Stefan on guitar, Thomas on bass and Jesper on drums and lead vocals. They used to jam in the basement when the old Gas Giant drummers Pete Hell or Tommy, could not make it, was late or passed out… Recently, in 2010-2012 the band also played under this name as well before disbanding and this was primarily material written by Thomas and Jesper. Anyway, the band really surprised me and opened up with a long jammed out version of Too Stoned. This was over 10mins long and Stefan was really playing cool guitar. Next was an instrumental jam on the classic Good Morning Little Schoolgirl song. The closed their 25min set with a Gas Giant song that was only recorded in a demo format in 2005 before the band folded. Thanks Guys..

The Carpet Knights
          Next up was the Swedish band, The Carpet Knights. This band has been around in Malmö for like 15 years now and has released several demo CDs and two albums on the Transubstans label but due to many complications with vocalists, the band has not performed in around 4 years and not in Denmark for like 6 years! The band played about an hour long set that features a few songs from their two albums but 5 new songs that will all be on the bands next record that they have nearly finished recording but just need to mix it. Anyway, Jocke, the primary songwriter, guitarist (plays bass normally in ØSC) has also taken over the lead vocals and he was fantastic. What a cool voice. I never would have known. Their songs and the vocals are a bit Jethro Tull inspired at times (they currently do not have a flute player but did for most of their years) but also mixing in the best of Swedish prog rock and some killer spacey guitar by Tobias. I think people were really surprised at this great band and I hope this will be a chance for them to step out into the light once again when the new record is finished if not before.

          Finally, at after 1AM, ØSC was assembled. To start the show it was me, Nick, Jiri, PIB, and Johan. Mogens has school and exams and could not play. PIB was smashing the drums as he usually does and is way too loud on the recording since the amps were not turned up to make up for this. He played great and after about an hour or so Jesper took over the drums and Magnus came up and played Johan’s guitar. I even sat out for 10mins and Johan tried to figure out how to get sound out of my strange synth set up… Nick, passed his guitar to Magnus and Johan came back and Par played some bass while Helge (SumoSun) took over the drums. I think we played about 1hr 40mins and when it was 3 I called it to an end as I was really tired and the crowd was thinning out now as well. It has been a long party starting at my place at 18.. and an even longer day for me.. Fun night and nice to meet some friends I have only known on the internet (Olav- Norway, Eetu- Finland). Thanks for coming.



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  2. Hey Scott: Hope you had a great birthday. I'm not sure how I can contact you other than this site. Not sure if you still check your Myspace page. I wanted to know if the 4/28-29/12 sessions are the recordings you will be using on the upcoming Organic Earthly Floatation album. I love Papir, and can't wait to hear it!