Sunday, November 21, 2010

Death rides a Horse- Pantokrator (DRaH 002)

Death rides a horse is a local Copenhagen heavy metal band. The band is a 4 piece with a female singer, who also plays bass. The band reminds me a bit of Chastain with the female singer, who is very good. This EP features 4 tracks in 27 mins and includes a very good version of Fly to the Rainbow by the Scorpions to end the EP. Beyond the Granite Threshold start things off with a 80s heavy metal style track with strong dual riffing, powerful vocals and a heavy ending.  The title track will remind many people of the band, The Sword. It is a mid paced melodic track but also a killer riff at times and a lot of dynamics of slower and faster parts. The Eye sounds a lot like the Sword and 80s metal with a female vocalist singing some very melodic lines and also quite powerful at times. This is pretty good stuff and while not the most original it is well delivered and they write strong songs. They are also a good live band. I have seen them twice.

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