Sunday, February 3, 2013

Vokokesh- The Alchemist’s Tale (Pure Pop PURE13)

Vokokesh is back with another improvised jamming spaced out psychic trip to another strange world. The band is stripped down to just guitar, bass and drums and strange percussion instruments with some spoken word poem thrown in one track. Base Metal Blues starts things off in a slow growing way and Richard really experiments with some super cool guitar effects that sound harsh and metallic at times. Doing a Slow Burn is next and very strange with some guitar tuning torture, percussion and unintelligible samples. The Fuzz God Awakens starts with some mid paced steady drums and guitar that slowly gets more and more effects layered on it as Richard takes the solo further and further. They are strange jammers.
Flip the record over to the Four Elements. It starts off more straightforward with just some guitar riffing as a real track tries to evolve and it is a bit melodic as well and features a really nice solo but it gets really far out. Otto mit dem Barte starts pretty far out with a spoken word piece just as the 2nd piece on the other side did but you can at least tell it is German! The Philosopher’s Tone is the last track on this pretty experimental LP. Richard plays some cool guitar with a bit of delay and later wah guitar, as they push the intensity. I think some people are not really going to appreciate the very free and crazy approach to this record, others will love it.

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