Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Kama Loka (Kommun2:22)

The latest release on the Malmö, Sweden based label, Kommun2 is a sort of super group of folks who have recorded records for the label. This includes members from the Aron Band, SKL, Anders and others. The main compositions are by Morten Aron and Tobias Petterson (owner label, also plays bass and flute). Side A starts with the Aron track, Skovsøen (The Forest Lake) and it is sung in Danish. It has a very cool spacey, mysterious vibe with haunting voices, violin and guitar. Later it evolves into a more psychedelic vibe. Øjesten (Eye Rock) has a beautiful guitar melody and starts with violin. Mikael Ödesjö plays some fantastic guitar on this track. Trold i Bakke (Troll in Tray) is an instrumental piece by keyboardist Anders Pilegård. It starts off as a folky thing but then goes into a more psychedelic section and back to the main theme. Flip the record over and also change language from Danish to Swedish. Gånglåt till Floalt (Marching Tune Floalt) starts as all the tracks have with violin and then the organ takes the lead followed by the flute. Then the violin returns to a more folky theme before the psychedelic lead guitar takes over and really lifts the track into a new dimension, which reminds me of late 60s Pink Floyd with the spacey organ and vocals and feeling. The last track Når lingonen Mognar (After Lingonberries Matures is an old song by the Swedish band Harvester) is a hypnotic track with a repeated choir of voices. Cool stuff. The record comes in a super heavy sleeve with a beautiful artwork by the great Swedish painter, Peter Wallgren. Single pressing in 500 copies only.

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