Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Harrow- Wanderer (Prairie Fire Tapes PF051)

Harrow is a three piece band from Victoria, Canada, that plays very raw, nasty, sometimes doomy stuff, other times quite melodic. This band reminds me of Kreator or Bathory without the guitar solos.  Into the Valley starts with acoustic guitar as the drums build up and then intense evil thrash kicks in. The next two songs are also found on the live side of the tape. Journey into the Mountain and To weather the Storm follow. This part of the tape mellows things out for a bit with some acoustic pieces until the band kicks in hard and heavy and screaming again. Exile and Rebirth end the powerful side A. Side B of the tapes is live at the Moontower and features a couple of the songs from the A side. The sound quality is really raw and nasty. Keening starts things off doomy but then it changes to a more melodic thread. The vocals are like death metal though. In the Shadow of the Stone (also on the A side) is more lead by the bass until the noisy thrash begins. Very low fi insane sound. Vast unending Lands continues the aural assault of raw, nasty metal in this short track. After a brief talk introduction, the band kicks into the intense Wraith. Watcher (not the Motorhead/ Hawkwind track), is also very extreme music. The side ends with Snow Falls on the Night of the Solstice, which is also featured on the A side of the tape. Very Intense and raw stuff. Not easy on the ears.. Recommend to play at low volume at least the B side of the tape.

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