Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jiri's 30th Birthday Party- Den Grå Hall, Christiania jan 18th, 2013

This was our first concert of the year and what a cool party it was on this cold winter night. Jiri the bass player from Fri Galaxe, Univerzals was turning 30 and throwing a party at Den Grå Hall in Christiania.  He had arranged for 5 bands to play and we were supposed to be the last band at around 23:30 but of course it rarely works out right. Sabine and I showed up about 21:30 or so and it was a damn cold bike ride (about -5C outside plus some wind). When we arrived the 3rd band was suppose be starting but the first act was only just finishing! I also did not really know what the line up of the band was going to be tonight and we might only have one guitar player. People slowly showed up though. Jocke, then Nick and last Mogens after midnight. PIB was there and wanted to play drums so we said yes.

          Jiri’s band Fri Galaxe played a nice set and really had the crowd of about 80 people dancing and very happy. A cool band that plays melodic blues rock with all Danish lyrics and some hippie and political themes. They also have a wonderful female singer. They played about an hour and then a band I don’t know what their name was.
Fri Galaxe

Set List: Legaliser, Total til Grin, Johannes, G13, Blommesangen, De Eneste, Når Fr Heden Tår Os, Alle Vores Drømme, Fredselsker, Gadefest, Soldans, Politiei Tror, Blomster og Kys

They had a female singer who also played a beautiful Les Paul (played nearly the same chords on every song), another guitar player, bass and drums. They played high energy pop music. Someone said they sounded like Juliana Hatfield but I don’t know who she is. I got pretty bored with them and they had a hard time getting anyone interested either. I liked some of what the bass player played but they were just not that interesting. They were having fun, which was great.

Set List:Good Intentions, If, You in Me, Anything but Ordinary, Bitter Taste, Liar, Another Night, Tenfold, Forget Me, Until you Said, Oxymoron

KIC (Kids in Christiania) were next and they rocked the place. They have a really powerful female singer and two guitar players, neither played any lead guitar to speak of. Now people were up front and singing and having a good time again. It was getting fucking late though and I wondered when they would finish. I heard the music had to stop at 02:30 but then Jiri’s said no, it was cool to play longer.  People really enjoyed their set and then most of the people left.

Set List: Leaving You, Catch Me, hard 2 Understand, Waste my Life, Like you and Me, Home, Fear Me, Vanity, Follow Me, Old (dedicated to Jiri!), Pretty

          It was around 01:30 when we finally got started and it was a mixture of pretty wasted people by this time and a total of maybe 40 people. We had PIB on drums to start the show and I don’t know how long he played before Martin from Fri Galaxe took over and as I recall the drummer from KIC even jumped in during the 2nd jam, which was like 57mins long! We had the horn section from Fri Galaxe (Tobias-Sax, Ole- Trombone) join and that was great. Nick was all alone on the guitar so it was good to have the horns, which I think worked great. Nick was amazing this night though. Playing really cool stuff. The concert was a bit crazy to start as Mogens was still setting up when the concert just sort of started on it’s own.. Jiri would pop up now and then and he played the lead synth at the very beginning, helped on bass (by knealing below Jocke and playing some stuff on the neck), played the floor tom, and even the trombone. Wild stuff… Some of the concert was really cool and I am not sure about the rest but it was damn fun…. as always.. You can hear the show below. Enjoy…


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