Wednesday, February 20, 2013

MONTIBUS COMMUNITAS " Montibus Communitas" (EYE 002)

Montibus Communitas is a trio from Peru joining up with some of the Dutch people in Ayahuasca Dark Trip. This is release is a vinyl only release in 300 copies. It features two tracks per LP side. The first track, Amaru, is very organ driven with some percussion (panning) and basic beats with some spacey sounds here and there. It is very repetitive and not all that interesting until the last 5mins and goes on for more than 15mins. It did not hold my attention very well and I kept waiting for something more interesting to happen. El ‘rio al amanecer is much shorter and ends the side. The water flows, some guitar is lightly played, a flute and birds create some cool ambience in this track. Salmo a Cristo is a short track starting side B of the record. It begins with a bit more noisy percussion and then the organ drone followed by some nice flute. Eventually some male and female voices appear as the organ drone gets louder and more intense in the mix and the percussion more to the background. Semilla starts with some forest birds before the effected organ sound fades up and a guitar and some other instruments slowly become recognizable. Very spacey trippy sound to start but then it lets lose it’s grip and begins to come to the standard production sound of the record. If you want to take some sort of organ drone forest trip, you might want to pick this up..

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