Wednesday, February 20, 2013

GNOD- Presents… Dwellings and Druss (Trenmat Records TR034)

GNOD are back with another release. I buy and collect all that I can by the band but I have to say the last couple have really let me down. I think they are just starting to release everything no matter how interesting it is or not. Anyway, this a pretty cheap production with just black and white artwork and a black label (hard to tell which side is which), on a  thin gold vinyl pressing. Dwellings- Revalation 9 starts the record off and it about 15-20 min drone drum machine piece. Quite repetitive and you really lose interest after a while. No guitar, no bass, no vocals, … pretty boring stuff. Flip the record over and you have Druss- 20 sides a Minute. It starts with a repeated synthesizer loop and does not really go anywhere or do anything interesting besides speed up and it is over. The next piece called Dwellings- Defeatism is by far the most interesting and evolved track. The only one really worth listening to. After the synth loop a simple kick drum pattern is repeated over and over. Eventually, a like snare edge is added to make the rhythm more complex and more synth layers start to appear as well as it builds up into some a bit more interesting. it becomes almost tribal the rhythm but the rest is just not very interesting. Pity… I also did not like the split with Shit and Shine very much so did not review it. This is nothing like the great records they have released with Rocket.

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  1. Sad to say I completely agree with your review on this one Scott, although I thought the GND $&$ split was pretty cool.