Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Re-Evolution- FdM sings the Hollies (Fruits de Mer Records Crustacean 37)

This is quite a special release that comes as a 12” record plus a 7” in two colour vinyl versions limited to 800 copies. There are 16 different artists and the whole thing last about an hour. The songs back then were all pretty short. I am not that familiar with the Hollies, but they were a UK band from Manchester who played their own version of pop music akin to the Beatles with multi-harmony vocals. Most of the tracks here are taken from the Hollies brief psychedelic period from 1966-1967. Graham Nash was one of their key members. A few of the labels standard artists are represented like the Bevis Frond (the best song on the record, amazing version of Hard hard Year), Beautify Junkyards, The Re-stoned, The Higher State, Langor, Electric Stars, Auralcandy, The Gathering Gray, The Seventh Ring of Saturn, Hi Fiction Science, Sky Picnic, Us and Them and Jay Tausig but also a lot of bands I have never heard of. Anyway, since I have never heard the originals, it is really hard for me to comment but I think this is a great release and true to the spirit of the original psychedelic music birth of the 60s.. Great job..

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