Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Ayahuasca Dark Trip- Mind Journey (Cosmic Eye Records Eye001)

DT are a Dutch band and this is the first release on the new Greek Label, Cosmic Eye. The material on this LP has been previously available on the bands web site, where I had listened to it several times. The band has made 3 releases on bandcamp but this is the first on vinyl. There is 100 copies on dark red vinyl and 200 on black. It also comes with a A1 size poster that is very cool. Astral Sunset starts the record off on its hypnotic and heavy trip. The music is mostly just heavy guitar, bass and drums but at different times, organ, didgeridoo, flutes, floating vocals, enter into the picture. Very spacey and trippy at times. Mind Journey raises the intensity level as the trip becomes darker and more dangerous.. Lucky, you get a break as you need to flip the record to hear To the Holy Mountain! It starts with some backwards parts over the bass line that goes on for several minutes before the drums kick in and the haunting psychedelic voices creep into the picture. The guitar slowly takes the lead as the track just keeps drawing you in further and further from your reality. Space Raga ends this amazing space trip.

Fans of Lamp of the Universe, Dark Budda Rising, and BONG, will dig this band…

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  1. Some friends in Colombia with a stoner-rock radio show played one of Ayahuasca Dark Trip's other pieces the other day -- "Manantial", I think, and I thought it was really cool. The "ethnic-meets-space" vibe is very nicely done. Gonna check out more of their stuff!