Monday, July 6, 2015

Roskilde Festival 2015

I believe this is the 16th time I have gone to the Roskilde Festival. I stopped going two years ago as it has become to difficult to camp due to the huge parties and large music stereos that people bring to the area. It has destroyed the ability to be there for four days for the music. The program has been very weak the past few years and this year was perhaps the weakest I had ever seen so until my band, Øresund Space Collective was invited I had not planned on attending. There are always a lot of suprises though and even though you don't see names you know there is usually a lot to discover. 

We went out on the first day of the festival, the Weds and got our wristbands which gave us access to the normal backstage food and bar places and a short cut through the festival site and shorter cues for the bathroom.. The first band we saw was an US punk rock group called OFF! Lots of fast, short tracks with political lyrics and some funny talk in between but they more or less all sounded the same. Still fun.

King Gizzard
Next we went to check out the Gloria Scene, where we would play on Sunday morning at 01:00.. A Danish group called Santiago was playing and they had acoustic guitar, electric guitar, pedal steel on a few songs and had a real US Americana feel to the music. All of the Danish groups doing this kind of stuff always go for a more mainstream pop sound rather than the organic backwoods Americana.. 
We saw 3-4 songs…

We caught King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, an Australian psych band on the Pavillion stage. I had never heard this young 7 piece band but they were pretty cool.. Very high energy with two drummers, three guitars, bass and a guy on effects and harmonica who also did some of the singing. Not sure why they had the two drummers as they played as an exact mirror of each other and could have done a lot of cool stuff…. I enjoyed the show.. 

Electric Eye from Norway had amazing visuals in the Gloria Scene and I could imagine how cool it would look when we played. Wow.. anyway,this was an excellent four piece band with an intense drummer and great dynamics between the two guitar players as they played cool psychedelic rock with some krautrock inspiration in the hypnotic bass lines and stuff.. I was pretty blown away…

On the way out we saw some of this Pharell Williams guy and the crowd was huge but the music was so bad.. it was like hip hop sings long songs for 12 year olds….. the people loved it.. Bizarre.. Glad I don’t get it….

We did not come out on thursday but besides Mastadon, Pallbearer and Muse, I did not know any of the bands. Friday, we also stayed home to rest. It costs 30€ each way for the train for us to go back and forth.. Anyway, Friday, I heard GOAT played a very cool concert. Lamb of God and Enslaved also played but again, nothing else I knew at all.. Kronos Quartet would have been cool though.

Sonhoy Blues
Saturday we arrived about 16 in the afternoon in time to see Sonhoy Blues from Mali at 17… Before that we heard a lot of Barrington Levy from the main stage. The only reggae band and he does a lot of all styles of Jamaican music so not straight reggae, like I like..  Anyway, Sonhoy Blues was really excellent. What a cool band playing a mix of Mali desert blues and rock… some quite hard.. IT was great but very hot in the Gloria scene so we had to go out and find a cool place as it was still 8 hrs before we play. We heard some of Chelsea Wolfe and Selvhenter at the Gloria stage and went and saw about 30mins of Paul McCartney, which was more interesting than it was good. Massive crowd but the volume was so low you could hardly enjoy it over the people talking all around. He had really cool visuals.  Selvhenter was so intense.. 6 ladies make a hell of a crazy mix of free jazz and noise rock, with two intense drummers. Wow..

ØSC hit the stage at 01:00 with a cool introduction and off we went…   We had a major failure to generate enough energy in our set and although the room was half full by the time we started by the time we had played an hour there was about 100 or less people left, which was a bummer. We had a stiff competition with the Africa Express in the Arena tent from midnight until 04….    I think if we had played intense high energy music, we would have held the audience… One of our guitar players was so tired and just played way too laid back, and we just did not have high enough energy playing so the band, we just cruised instead of fly…. lost the audience.. Pity.. The visuals were totally amazing and the rest of the band played very well. Our one chance at Roskilde to make a historic gig and we blew it….  The music is still very cool we played but just not what was needed for this late at night.. Check it out below..  

Super professional staff at all backstage areas and on stage.. Still an amazing festival. I will think about going back again but would have to sort out a place in the quiet camp……

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Vibravoid- 2001 4LP Box Set (Kraut Minded Records)

I think when you get this box all you can do is say WOW…. This is a very impressive box filled up with stuff and music to celebrate the release of the very first Vibravoid record.  The 4LP box has a lot of great stuff and each record is in a different multicoloured vinyl. There is a 16 page book, a large 2 sided poster and 12cm vibravoid patch… As for the music there are 30 tracks of all sorts of unreleased demos and live tracks, mostly are from the period when this original record came out. I have not heard the whole thing yet but it a very cool release. It costs about 75€plus postage, so it is not a cheap item. There are 750 numbered boxes. Only one press..  

WHITE HILLS/MUGSTAR SPLIT 7” (God Unknown Records)

What a great combination… This 7” is limited to 300 copies and is part of the singles club started by the Mugstar guys. The Mugstar track Wire to Wire is a great Farflung like space rock track with a high energy and drive, a bit punky and quite hypnotic. A bit too short though but it is a 7”. The White Hills track as is a strange outtake from their last recording sessions and features a drum machine and a repeated chant vocal with some far out effects. Only synths and programmed instruments and a bass line. No guitar. Quite psychedelic stuff. 

F/i- VENUSIAN HOLIDAY LP (Kraut Minded Records)

F/i are the longest running US Space rock bands, going on and off since the early 80s. I was first turned on to their really early electronic music by Doug Walker of Alien Planetscapes and have followed the band for more than 20 years and heard most everything they have produced except a few releases. This is the same line up that made the bands last release. This album features 4 jammed out tracks of instrumental space rock with some cool electronics. Grant, the only original member left in the group makes his own synthesiser modules and makes some cool sounds here…  The title track starts things off with the band all searching with a lot of spaced out sounds before the cymbals and drums slowly enter and the jam begins with the bass line and guitars. Alien Planetscapes vibe at times with all the spaced out synths and intense panning of the guitar makes it quite psychedelic. Welcome to the Jewelled Forest kicks in with a slightly faster pace and a nasty distortion guitar and some organ as the bass line drives things. This is very much a guitar driven jam with the synths being much less involved but Brian killing it on the guitar. 860 degrees in the shade is a short 4 min track and almost like a distorted garage rock song with some crazy sounds going on. OM17 is a really cool track and returns with the synths playing a greater role in the track and making it really spacey.  Love the modular synths stuff as it sounds so rich.  At the end they borrow the Pink Floyd- Set the Controls for the heart of the Sun riff and vibe for a most excellent piece of music.  Cool album. 

DATURA4- DEMON BLUES (Alive Records ALIVE0172-2)

Datura4 is a great new band on the Radio Moscow label, Alive Records. They are from Western Australia and for sure heard a lot of Buffalo and Master’s Apprentence. The CD features 11 tracks and starts off with Out with the Tide, a cool blues rocker with a lot of way guitar, that sets the standard for what will come from this quartet (two guitar, bass, drums). Both guitar players, Dom and Greg sing. You ain’t no friend of Mine is a hypnotic stoner blues track. Another Planet is a fantastic 60s inspired laid back and amazing song, probably my favourite on the entire record. Just an amazing song that I can hear over and over again… Journey Home has a more heavy bass line to start this one off but the melodic guitar leads the track while the heavy fuzzed one gives the vibe. Reminds me of Arc of Ascent a bit.. Cool song with some nice psychedelic guitar and a great stoned vibe. Hoonswing is a down dirty slow blues track. Demon Blues takes the foot stomping good fun vibe up a step and is a great track to crank up but it is short.. Pissing up the Wall features some slide guitar an again a nice return with a cool groove. Killjoy starts with a solo guitar and then the wall of stoned sound kicks in and off we go.. Gravedigger Man is a more laid back track about working in the cemetery! Love to Burn is another real 70s inspired hard rock track but with that nice stoney vibe. If 7 was 11 is called a Bonus track on the CD…  It is a slow bluesy instrumental track that was probably just a jam in the studio. I really dig this record a lot. Amazing stuff.. This will be on my list of top records for 2015 for sure… 

Seremonia- Hasiskultti 7” (Svart SVR365)

The Finnish Cult rock band are back with a new 7” and full length record. This 7” comes in hash brown and black vinyl editions. The opening track is really cool and translates to Hash Cult. It is very much an anti-hash song though when you read the translated lyrics.  Of course anything in excess is bad for you but not this music!  Very cool dark mystical vibe on this track with heavy bass and some piano lines and Finnish vocals.. Hulluus (Insanity) is the b side and a more heavy track but still quite slow and mystical in some way.  The band also have a new full length record called Kristalliarkki that is excellent. I really like it a lot.. A cool band.. Hope they come back to Denmark again..

Circle- Pharaoh Overlord (KRYPT-083) /Pharaoh Overlord- Circle (KRYPT-084)

So Circle and Pharaoh Overlord are back with new records, each sharing titles and ideas. I have started with the Circle record. It starts off with Koitto, a mellow track with just simple guitar and vocals my Mika. Very repetitive for a while and then a cool groove starts as the whole band joins in and Juho play some horns (tuba?). The vocals return to the same theme as it started with. Eventually Mika lets out a scream and then the same themes with slight variations are repeated over and over again for a bit too long actually. I really like the track a lot but not enough new happened to really keep me totally engaged. Kävelen Luiden Päällä is next and a bit of the same sort of theme with a repetitive theme with the simple horn line but then an occasional heavy guitar kicks in an Mika lets out a few screams now and then… The best part is when the bass line really becomes more noticeable in the mix and you feel like it is starting to build up but then it doesn’t and returns to the same theme. Again, quite a long track without a lot happening. The same over and over and over. Side B has three tracks starting off with Aavasksa with a repeated theme and again some singing (not words) as the track slowly grows and has acoustic guitar and similar simple horn lines as the song line is repeated over and over..  Akdebaran sounds a lot like one of the songs from the other side. Madonna of Viggiano ends the record and features some like spoken word vocals in English and again a simple theme repeated over and over and some horns. A more heavy guitar kicks in every now and then… That is it.. Circle is Circle and they do their own thing but this one did not turn me on much.. a bit boring..

Pharaoh Overlord is also quite laid back to start with and a lot of repetition but no horns. Cool laid back groove with a bit of spaciness to it. Some nice guitar parts start to evolve and a new age like synth line also joins in. Synths eventually take the lead role in this track, like Italian movie sound track stuff. Tarkennus is next and is really uptempo and also very synth driven. Verbi ends side A and is another fast one with what sounds like a lot of programmed drums (and maybe real ones also) and mostly synthesisers as well. This entire side sounds like no other PO stuff I have ever heard. Bizzare..

Villaa is mid paced and starts with a thumping bass line, quick drums and some guitar but then after 3mins or so, the synths overpower the guitars and then the guitars fight back and take the lead in creating the melody. Cool track.. Raide 2 takes things down a step and has some nice dual guitar lines and a synth arpeggio that lingers mostly in the background but other synth pads and sounds bubble up here and there.. Ystävinä ja Pariskuntina ends the side and is more hypnotic and has a pad synth line running through the track while there is some nice guitar played but it also never really takes off anywhere and repeats the same theme over and over..   Well, now you have to decide if you will like this new material or not.. It was not so exciting for me..

Aerosol- Leave (n5MD MD237LP)

Aerosol is the solo project from multiinstrumentalist, Rasmus Rasmussen, who plays keyboards in Causa Sui. He has been playing music for many years in all sorts of projects. This is his solo projects 3rd record. The record features 4 tracks on each side and Rasmus plays all the instruments and nearly all instruments analog while the recording was done digitally. My quick feeling when I heard the record a few times was that it was deeply inspired by Cluster. I think this is a good reference for fans of that band. Anyway, Paths starts things off on side A with a lot of multilayered synthesisers and a simple drum program and then he plays some melodic guitar over the top. The synths are the main focus though as you have one that is like creating these waves, one making spacey sounds and one swirling around the soundspace. Very cool and beautiful piece of music. Reach is next and has an appreciated synth line that leads, while the pad synths float and glide around the soundscape and melodic guitar plays over the top. Very minimal percussion is mixed low in the background. Leave is a slow building one with powerful low end on one of the synths and some what sounds like backwards guitar layered in. Quite triply. Possible ends side A and features acoustic guitar and piano. Side B starts off with Kicks, which has more drums and a bass line synth that leads the track. Eventually some guitar is layered in as well. Nice track. Exposure is back to the more floating and early kraut synth vibe. Passing starts with a repeated synth line and one that sort of buzzes across the soundscape. A lightly and airy guitar line is also included… Real closes this vinyl record If you like relaxing synth music, this is a great record..  enjoy and check out the great interview below.  (you can buy the record here!)

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Thor Bøding and Friends- Drop Inn, København June 17th, 2015

Thor is the leader of the band Syreregn but he also plays a lot of solo gigs and is involved with some other bands as well. This was a sort of reunion of the people he started making and recording music with 10 years ago. The first set was a trio that Thor plays bass and sings backing vocals. I did not catch the name but it was Bjergtop or something like that. It means Mountain Top. The singer and guitar player was very special and I did not really enjoy the 4 or 5 songs they played and in fact about 40% of the people in the place left while he played and all was left was pretty much Thor’s friends and family. 

The next band set up quickly and this included all the guys in from Syreregn; Thor (guitar and vocals, he usually plays bass with Syreregn), Rasmus on drums, Jacob (only Syreregn guitar player, who is now back!) and Kian on bass. This set was really cool. All Thor and Syreregn originals. The slow new take on Tag solen Ned was really cool. I actually have never seen Thor play so much lead guitar and he was really good. Jacob, who strangely enough was wearing gloves, played some great guitar as well. This was a powerful and cool set. 

Set List: 

Stoffet (lyrics by Adam Oenslager, who wrote the lyrics for the national anthem), Sangen om Hans Marius, Min Blomst, Tag Solen Ned, En Sandhed, Hey Babe

The third set was the very first band, Patienterne, Thor started back in 2005, him, Rasmus and a guy named Simon on bass. These tracks they had not played in some years and you could tell these were songs from a young band, trying to play a bit alternative rock with all Danish lyrics. Everything on this night was spoken and sung in Danish. It was the National election this day and sadly, the extreme right won, so that was very depressing.  Anyway, there were a few cool songs here, one of the last before the encore was great but mostly it was ok and not nearly as good as the songs Thor writes today. Must have been fun for him to play it again for a few friends and family. At most there was 35 people.  I had a really nice time talking with the guys and hanging out with my friend Anders, whom I had not seen in a long time. We chatted until 1am…  Late night but nice..

Set List: 
Børn i krig, Dranker-drengen, Vagtmagt, Det tårn høje helvede (Røde Mor cover), Linie 3 (Røde mor cover), Drømmen du drømmer, Solkvinden, Patienterne

Encore: Herfra hvor vi står (skousen/ingemann cover)

By the way, Thor has a solo record he is trying to raise money for, please check it out.. Peace..

Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Pretty Things- The Sweet Pretty Things (Are now in Bed of course) (Repertoire REPUK 1265)

I recently bought the amazing Bouquets from a Cloudy Sky box set from the Pretty Things and have been listening to all their records and watching the DVDs the last couple of months. This put me in the perfect mood and background to give the new record a fair shake. So can a more than 50 year old group (only two originals left but they are in their 70s now) make a relevant record today? The record has 10 new tracks recorded all analog and most live in the studio and it starts with The Same Sun. Phil’s voice had matured nicely and the band play great together. And I do is a more bluesy one with a pretty heavy riff but the way the vocals are mixed is back to what they were doing in 1968 though.  IT has a bit of a jam in it and is one of the longer tracks at nearly 4 mins! Renaissance Fair (the Byrds) starts with a lot of bells but is not really that folky. I don’t know the original Byrds tune. You took me by Surprise is a dirty blues rocker with some nice effects on the vocals and a cool way guitar. Turn my Head is a really happy track with a  good bouncy rhythm. Dark Days is a darker track except the way that the chorus is sung. The mellotron gives is a mysterious feeling when combined with the unique guitar line. Greenwood Tree is a cool studio jam including drum solo. Phil does not play on it unless he adds some percussion but he is not credited at all so maybe he was in the loo!  Hell, Here and Nowhere is next and the longest track on the record at nearly 5mins and an acoustic track but I love the feel on this one. What a cool track. In the South is another interesting track with a cool rhythm and a sort of chanted vocal by Phil and then it abruptly ends. Dirty Song ends this really excellent record. This track has a darker side to it as the title might suggest. The band played an amazing concert at Roadburn Festival some years ago and I was really blown away and have come to really like this band after buying the box set. You will not be disappointed with this new record. Buy it! 

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Uzgin Uzer- 99 (Lollipop Shoppe LSCD013)

This album from Hungary was originally released in 1999 and distributed in Germany and Europe by the Lollipop Shop. Lollipop Shop has now made a new pressing of this CD, which contains 20 tracks in a little over an hour. The four piece band, including Miklós Paizs (Korai Öröm), Gyula, Peter and Marcsi make some really cool and special rhythmic ethnic tranced out music with all kinds of instruments like jews harp, flutes, clarinet, hosepipe trumpet, naval, zurna, gaida, duduk, violin, throat singing and more… There is some female singing as well and other vocals samples (?) sometimes mixed in the background. Some of it is really like travelling across the Moroccon desert music or something. A super cool band. I love all their stuff.. If you like spacey psychedelic world music, check this one out!

Space Probe Taurus- Mondo Satan (Ripple Music RIPCD032

Space Probe Taurus is a band I have known for many years. Mr Sjöberg and I have traded some music and demos since the band basically started. This is a band that has not produced a lot of “real” records but has continued and survived despite the negative evolution of the music world.  This CD features 10 short new fuzzed out rockers. Scorpio Queen starts things off  and a uptempo rocker kicks in with a definite Monster Magnet feel and a low fi sound. Hey Hey hey chorus and all and in 3 mins the track is over. Kill City Death Cult (sounds like a movie soundtrack!) has a sample from the movie. This song sounds nearly identical to the first one and even includes a few hey heys as well and is nearly the same formula as the first and burns the grooves in 3mins. Spahn Ranch Motherfucker keeps the speed high and the film inspired lyrics intact. Make me Bleed is a more melodic track and has a slightly longer guitar solo. Galaxy Travelin’ Blues is the 2nd longest track at 41/2 mins long. This is the 5th track now and the pace has be quite fast for every song and no chance of a slow one here either. So far not a lot to distinguish the tracks from one another. This one they exchange the hey hey with yeah yeah and keep it catchy. Superfuzzed hits the gain as the band speeds up and a bit of revolution, baby! Powerful stuff.. This album needs to be played LOUD! Mondo Satan has some pretty cool lyrics and more background vocals than most of the other songs and a few short guitar solos tossed in as well. The Iguana is one of my favourite tracks on the CD and really catchy and a great riff and groove. The CD ends with nearly 6 min The Righteous One and it is slightly slower and more groovy. This is an album that is cool when you crank it up and let the 30mins or so just blast you away.. Not a lot of variety but cool fuzzed out biker rock…

Drive by Wire- The Whole Shebang (My First Sonny Weissmuller Recordings AHOEA7575)

This is a really cool Dutch band four piece band lead by guitar player and lead singer, Simone. The CD is the bands third release and features 11 songs in about 40mins. The CD starts off with Kerosine Dreams which has a catchy and hypnotic groove at times. The band is a sort of mix between groovy stoner rock, Alice in Chains and sometimes Acid King. Woodlands has a vocal much like Lori of Acid King but the music is not so down tuned but still slow, and stoned and a bit spacey. A lot of good riffs and grooves but no lead guitar on these tracks and singing nearly all the time. The Whole Sheband is next and has a really great guitar riff and changes the vibe in this more uptempo rocker. Rituals slows things a bit and has this dark mysterious vibe but it also has faster parts. In this Moment rocks a bit harder but also has a very soft vocal section. Short song. River Run features an organ by Frank Boeijen to give this slower track a different vibe. I really like her singing style a lot. Sometimes passionate, beautiful but also gusty and powerful. Promised the Night starts with the drums but then has a sort of country western vibe. Rotor Motor brings back the more heavy stoner rock. All Around has a foot stomping rhythm and then the guitar gets a bit psychedelic. Another real short one. Voodoo you Do ends this record with a slower more heavy track again where the vocals and music remind me of Acid King. I quite enjoyed this album. A lot of different styles of songs and a lot of catchy grooves and great vocals. Check them out for sure. 

Blackwolfgoat/Larman Clamor Split 7” (H42 records 020)

I have never heard of either of these bands. The bio says that Blackwolfgoat started off as an ambient Drone project of Daryl Shepard (Black Pyramid). He has released three records and even performed this stuff live. His track is called Straphanger. This is pretty far out stuff with multiple layers of fuzzed out guitar and the vocals pushed quite far to the back with some strange effect on it so that you can nearly not tell what is being said at all. Far out fuzzed out dirty music…..   

Alex von Wieding is Larman Clamor. His music was recorded in Hamburg and the 1st track is called Drone Monger and it is a strange swamp blues track with acoustic guitar and jews harp and a down and dirty vocal. Fo’ what you Did has the same vibe but is a bit more happy and has some electric guitar as well as the acoustic. I enjoyed both tracks, a sort of Germany swamp blues. This 7” is limited to 210 copies on three different colours of vinyl (70 copies for each colour). Cool artwork with lyrics and band info on the inside sleeve. 

Friday, June 12, 2015

Sweden Rock Festival 2015

Unfortunately, I was only able to attend one day of Sweden Rock this year, the friday. There were a lot of really cool bands every day as usual but we had seen many of these and decided we could only afford to go one day. The headliner on the weds was the Danish band DAD. We had seen them a few years back on the Rock stage and they put on a great show but not a band I felt I needed to see again. My friend Tom’s band, the Order of Israfel was also playing on that day and I have still never seen them. We had seen the Quireboys just the year and also Hell, maybe two years ago. The headliner on Thursday was Def Leppard, which we had no interest in seeing at all. I would have liked to see Spike’s Free House with Simon Kirke doing a FREE set and FISH doing one of his last sets ever. Slash, Carl Palmer’s ELP, Exodus, Ghost, Toto, and Airbourne were some of the others playing. Saturday the headliner was Judas Priest. Other cool bands playing that day were: Riot V, Ace Frehley, Mother's Finest, Nuclear Assault, The Angels (Angel City in the US), and Behemoth. 

Dark Tranquility
The Friday was a great day and we arrived early enough to catch one song of MOB, a Swedish metal band and then over to see some of Dark Tranquility, the singer Mikael Stanne I have met each year at Roadburn for the past few years but had never seen his band. They play melodic, progressive death metal. I was quite surprised how well the audience seem to know the band and were really into it. They had some great tracks but it was not my kind of music with those kind of vocals. This was apparently the first show with the new bass player.

Next we went off to see Scott Biram, a one man nasty blues man from Austin, Texas. He has been touring around in Europe for the past few months playing every where including Roadburn. He was very enjoyable and the small crowd was really into it as well. He made a kick drum beat and played both acoustic and electric guitar and sang mostly about drinking! It was great to see they finally moved the Rockklassiker stage after 4 years of complaints. Sound pollution from the other stages was much less now, which was great... 

Scott Biram
Molly Hatchet were back at Sweden Rock but the first time ever on the main Festival stage. The weather was hot and fantastic with a light breeze. They had the stage set up for a 5 piece band but only four showed up. NO Dave Hlubek? I had never heard of Molly Hatchet ever playing as a 4 piece before. There are so many dual guitar parts. Anyway, they blasted through the same set they played last time here and I guess they play every night. Don’t think they played anything later than the Devil’s Canyon record. Crowd liked them and Bobby was totally in fire on the lead guitar but the sound just really missed that 2nd guitar. A wounded version of the band. If Dave is gone for good, this is now a band with no original members and no one in this line up even played on the songs that make up 85% of the set. IF they can stand on their own now, they should play most the songs they have written. At least try that next tour and see what happens? 
Molly Hatchet
Set List: Whiskey Man, Outlaws, Gator Country, Fall of The Peacemakers, Devil's Canyon
Beatin' The Odds, Son of The South, Jukin' City, Dreams I'll Never See, The Journey, Flirtin' With Disaster

Alestorm was next and this is a really fun band. Pirate metal from Scotland! I think Sue and I last saw them at the Pagan Fest in Vienna and that was a blast. The crowd was totally ready with plastic swords, pirate hats and a large pirate flag blowing in the air. A sort of thrash metal with keyboards and lots of songs about drinking, screwing and killing and full sing along choruses… Not a band I would listen to at home I think but great fun live. 

Rock Goddess. Wow.. a band I never thought I would ever see. They reunite with all three original members and this was only their 2nd show in 35 years! I have all the old records and 7”s… I loved them in the day,  A bit more heavier than Girlschool on the first records… Anyway, the girls rocked the house and are better musicians today than back then so sounded great. Her voice was really ballsy as well. They played a really cool set and did not only stick to old tracks but played three brand new numbers as well. I really dug it…

Set list: Satisfied and Crucified, One Hot Night, Two Wrongs, This Time, You’ve got Fire, To be Betrayed, Flying, Take your love Away, Make my Night, Drive you Away, This is the Day, My Angel, Back to You, HM Rock and Roll.

We were able to catch a bit of Manfred Mann’s Earth Band and that really surprised me. He had a few pop hits in his day but the band really were jamming and having a great time. It was more a blues rock set. I dug it. We only heard about 35mins though.
Manfred Mann
Blackberry Smoke, who we had seen the night before were next on the Sweden Stage and their was a pretty big crowd and the weather was amazing, We sat up on the hill with a great view and enjoyed the great southern rock… They did not play anything different from the night before having had to leave out some songs for their 75 mins set. Crowd loved it and they had the best sound of the entire festival. Great sound man… 

Set List: Six Ways to Sunday, Let me help you find the door, Like I am, Crimson Moon, Pretty Little Lie, Fire in the Hole, Rock and Roll again, Good one com in’ on, Sleeping Dogs Lie-Your time is gonna come-Sleeping Dogs, Holy Ghost, Wish in one Hand, I ain’t got the blues anymore, Up in Smoke, One Horse Town, Payback’s a Bitch, Ain’t much left of me

Next up was Opeth on the main festival stage. They had a few backdrops and let the music do the talking, We sat on the grass pretty far away but you could hear it perfect and see them on the screens. It is great to see this band having progressed into a full gown prog band and leaving most of the death metal behind. They had a lot of long complex tracks and only played the occasional older song from what I could see. They got a full 90mins which was great. 

20:45  Backyard Babies or Pat Travers Band???? Sue and I choose Pat Travers and our Swedish friends went for BB… Last time I saw Pat Travers was here at SRF, like 6-7 years ago. He had some totally different players in the band. I saw him for the first time in 1979!  Always good and here he played a mix of blues and his 70s rock stuff. It was a really excellent set. 

Set List: Rock n Roll Suzie, Life in London, Crash and Burn, I’ve got news for You, Black Betty, Diamond Girl, Heat in the Street, Stevie, Statesboro Blues (ABB), Blues guitar Jam, Red House, Snortin’ Whiskey, Boom Boom out go the Lights, Born under a bad Sign. 

Lucifier's Friend
Now, your choice was Motley Crue or Lucifer’s Friend, an old German band that was playing their first show in 28 years!!! Look to be nearly all the original members and included John Lawton on lead vocals. He sang also in Uriah Heep some years back. I would probably never get a chance to see these guys ever again and Motley Crue I saw in 1983, 1984, 1986, and a few other times in the last 10 years and knew what to expect from them.  Anyway, Lucifer’s Friend was excellent! Real cool progressive rock with a dark side to it. They played a range of songs from all their 70s records it seemed.  I think they played about 70mins. Very cool show.

Set List: Intro, Pray, Fire and Rain, In the time of Job when Mammon was a Yippie, Keep Goin’, Dirty Water, Rid it High, Key´board solo, Moonshine Rider, Did you Ever, Burning Ships, Fugitive> Ride the Sky, My Flying Lady 

We did manage to catch the very end of Motley Crue from Mick Mars guitar solo, Live Wire, Too young to Fall in Love, Girls, Girls, Girls, Kickstart my Heart, Home Sweet Home. They had a very cool stage and lots of pyro. Vince was not sounding all that good though and look quite heavy…… still ran around lot and had some girls on the stage to help out with backing vocals and to distract…. I think people liked it but the local newspaper only gave them 1 star….

Always great to be back at Sweden Rock!  The tie dating on the camera is UK time so it is one hour behind the real time in Sweden...  Hope to go to the festival next year.. Let's see what the line up is like..