Saturday, October 10, 2015

Yuri Gagarin- Sea of Dust 7” (Ultraljud Records ULTRA002)

Göteborg based, Yuri Gagarin are back with their first new material in 2 years. The first LP was self released and then rereleased with a new mix on the Sulatron label. I am not sure if these tracks are just tasters and both will be on the new album due out before the new year.. The band hopes…  I have seen this instrumental space rock band twice in the last month and they played Sea of Dust at both shows.  Sea of Dust starts things off with a cool guitar line and some acoustic guitars mixed in as well before the heavy brainblasting stuff kicks in as the track builds and builds, the synths start to layer into the sound and the lead guitar line takes the lead. A great track… not too unlike their earlier stuff. Flip the 7” over for Psychological Discontinuity is really driven by the great melodic lead guitar as the rest of the band provides the solid wall of sound with heavy bass, drums and guitar riffs and floating space sounds over the top…. Not a lot of variety in what this band delivers but damn, I like it..  Fans of Litmus, Hawkwind, US Christmas, etc.. will dig this.. Pressed in 500 copies on black and marbled blue vinyl in a nice gatefold sleeve. Thew new studio album comes on in December on vinyl on the Kommun2 label and on CD on the Space Rock Productions label. 

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