Saturday, October 10, 2015

Demon Head- Ride the Wilderness (Wolf Biker Records WBR06)

Demon Head is a young classic 70s rock band with a slightly dark edge, like 70s Pentagram, early Witchcraft..  Last year they released a 7” and both those songs have been rerecorded for this new record. The album features 8 tracks in about 40mins. Undertaker starts the record off and features a little bit of organ and is a slower more stoned track. Marcus has a very cool voice and delivery that is quite unique. I love the groove that takes off on this track. A huge nod to early Witchcraft but the sound is low fi and cool.  Winterland, was released on the 7” as well as the track Demon Head. Revelations of April starts with some feedback and then the guitars kick in and a groove takes form. The band are not as tight as a band like Horisont with the dual guitars but this is more raw and less polished. Ride the Wilderness keeps the grooves at a medium speed and some nice dual guitar sections and interesting lyrics. This track has the longest guitar solo sections of any song on the CD and is also the longest at nearly 7 mins.  Book of Changes speeds things up again and reminds me of early 70s Pentagram at times..  Demon Head from the 7” is next and then The Greatest Lie. This is one of my fave songs on the record. Something about the vocal delivery, the lyrics and the doomy riff. Worthless ends the CD and it starts off slow and dark and depressive.  A quite moody track. The CD is a very nice digipack with a small booklet with some pictures, lyrics and stories and some details. A nice package. I have not seen the vinyl edition. Quite a solid debut album from this young Danish band.

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