Saturday, October 10, 2015


White Rabbit Dynamite is a 70s inspired group from Berlin. The female singer Chrissi spent a couple of small tours singing for Siena Root and that is how I first got introduced to the band. They released this LP on a slipsleeve CD a few years back but now it is out on a high quality vinyl edition on White Dwarf records and mail order.  This is the bands 2nd record. The first one was called Insight from 2010.  Side A starts off with Baby you don’t Know and it is a slow heavy blues rock with some passionate vocals. I love Chrissi’s sort of smokey voice. Try, slows things down and reminds me of all the great bands from the late 60s.. What’s There closes the first side and is a really nice blues tune with some great guitar. Don’t close your eyes is a short blues track. This band is much more laid back than a group by like Blues Pills, whose powerful singer practically screams at you, while Chrissi soothes your soul.. These are the Nights ends the record with a long instrumental intro. A pretty cool record but I heard the band is much better live.. Check them out..

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