Saturday, October 10, 2015

Oak- Beyond Oblivion (The Electricity Recording Company ELPS-203)

Oak are a Stockholm based DOOM band. A few years back I got their cassette tape, which I really liked a lot.  I was very surprised when I heard about his limited edition vinyl on only 300 copies.  The opening track is a 9 min song called Fallout. This is total classic doom rock sound. There is a bit of an effect on the voice. The intervals between the vocals are often some really cool guitar solo sections which is great compared to just riff after riff. The end section is really beautiful with layers of different guitar, synths ,etc..  Avalanche, is the next 11 min track and again starts with a classic doom sound. The vocal is a bit more powerful on this track but some of the guitar lines are also a bit more melodic at times.  Mountain is a short 2mins acoustic guitar track with a dark vibe. Nice way to end the side. Fallout starts off side, which is nearly all instrumental music. This track is 9 mins long and starts off with a melodic solo guitar with some delay on it as the bass slowly comes in and then this is followed by drums as it slowly floats and glides and builds. The melodic lead guitar eventually starts. This track slowly gets heavier and heavier but retains a very nice melody throughout. The title track is next at is nearly 11mins in length and has a really cool mysterious sound, like something really awful is about to happen but you don’t know when as it slowly builds in intensity. There is a really cool sitar like sounding keyboard or instrument that pans back and forth as well… A great track.  A short 3min track called acoustic track with some keyboards called River closes out this excellent melodic psychedelic doom record.  Cool stuff guys.

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