Saturday, October 10, 2015

Holy Mount- We fell from the Sky (White Dwarf WHD 004)

This is the 4th release on the Berlin based White Dwarf Label. Holy Mount is a Toronto Canada based band. The first 5 songs on this album were released in 2010 on a 7”. The last two tracks come from the bands 2nd 7” record from 2011. I am not clear if the band is still active or not but they did release something digitally in 2013 called Alpic. Anyway, side A starts off with Throughout these Eyes.  It is a sort of stoner doom track with a laid back vocal with some delay on it. They have some nice lead guitar sections inbetween and then come back to the same vocal themes.  The LP title track is next and follows in the same footsteps as the first, about the same pace, same vocal, but slightly heavier guitar riff. I really liked the wah guitar solo at the beginning of this track. A lot of heavy stoned riffing at the end. Garm of Hounds is next and slows things down and has a very cool phased guitar. I could use a bit more dynamics in the vocal after three tracks of the same sort of dreamy, laid back singing.  Really nice bass and drums on this track also.  Born of Eclipse starts off the 2nd side much like the first with another slow stoney track with some laid back spacey vocals, which are interspersed with some nice guitar sections. Meadowvale is a bit faster and has a more heavy guitar riff but still pretty stoned. The last two songs were pressed on a 7” and close out this record. The vocal style is a bit more aggressive as is the music on Breeze Blows West. It has a different sound production as well.  The Rain The Might ends this record in a similar style that it began with.  I wonder if this band will make it over to Europe now they have a release here? I enjoyed the album but it lacks a bit in variety at times. Check them out.

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