Friday, March 2, 2018

The Dead End Alley Band- Storms (Clostridium Records CR036)

This Lima, Peru based band are back with a new album, their 3rd. I have reviewed both their record, Whispers in the Night and Odd Stories. Red Woman starts things off with a quite moody and dark feel to it. I love the organ playing on this one as it builds with some intense singing, almost strained at the limit of his ability. Lovely guitar solo and a very rockin’ ending! Headstone Fortress (See official video below) is a slow bluesy track. I really like the main riff on this one and the way the vocals are mixed with some long delays. It make it quite psychedelic when played loud. Great track. Need You is a pretty slow track with the main guitar line mixed more in the front, while the organ and other instruments support. There is a quite melodic and happy vibe to this one. Thunderbolts & Lace is the last one on side A and starts with a real classic rock riff as the uptempo pace kicks in and the organ supporting. A cool almost Electric Funeral like wah guitar for a brief moment before they kick into the first vocal section but it returns several times during this frantic song. The track relaxes at the end a bit and has a quite psychedelic ending.

Side B starts with The Clock has Stopped, which starts slowly with some passionate singing and nice organ playing. The track really gets more dramatic and some cool organ, guitar, bass and drum back and forth sections that are great. After this groove really takes off until the end. Great song and they really like their reverb on this one! Waiting for the Void starts slowly with some drums, spacey sounds and an eerie voice like flute (or vice versa). I like the guitar lines and vocals a lot on this track and the way the flute is used as well. It is pretty laid back and has a great guitar solo. It ends with a storm like sound. Something in the Water is a bonus track and has a vocal with a lot of tension. Some wah guitar plays into this moody final track with a female voice complimenting the wild lead vocal.

I have to say this is probably the bands best record, at least I have enjoyed it the most. Great job guys.

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