Friday, March 2, 2018

Black Spy- I dream of Noise (Sweet Recordings SXR003)

Black Spy have been around for about 6 years in Finland but this is their first official CD release.  The band features Antti (guitar, synth, sax and vocals), Eetu on bass and Toke on drums. The CD features 6 tracks of frantic rock and roll and starts off with a fast paced number called Fade Away, Get to Know is even faster and a bit distorted angry and more punky. Intense stuff. There is some crazy stuff mixed into the background as well. In my Head slows things to a mid pace with more emphasis on the singing and lyrics. The track still has this dissonant quality to it and the first with a guitar solo, noisy like early Melvins or Nirvana. I really like the bass lines on this track. There is some acoustic guitar at the end mixed in with a more noisy one as the intensity really builds at the end. You got Me is a very short track only 1:20 in length and quite aggressive. The Wave feature Antti with an attacking vocal. The synth is quite creepy in this track. Quite political lyrics. A bit of saxophone is thrown into the mix for good measure and noise. Let it out is the final track on this EP and starts slow and spacey before a cool guitar comes in with a nice riff and heavy bass line. Just before 90 seconds the track kicks in with some real energy. Intense vocals at the end of this quite long track over 9 mins long. These guys for sure dream of noise!!!  It must be a quite intense band live. Check them out….

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