Friday, March 2, 2018

Arc of Ascent- Realms of the Metaphysical (Clostridum Records CR030)

Arc of Ascent is a band lead by Craig Williamson (Lamp of the Universe). This is the bands 3rd release since 2010 and probably the heaviest one.  The band focuses on heavy grooves, hypnotic vocals and massive riffs. The LP starts off with Set the Planets Free and a slow droney fade up before the characteristic heavy riffs begin. Heavy constant, a bit hypnotic, as one has become accustomed to from this band. Vocal style is very similar as on other records with a bit of John Garcia thrown in! Some very cool lyrics. Eye of Sages keeps the pace about the same but kicks the heavy riff up a notch (hear the track below). Stoned! This track has a quite cool guitar solo on it and is mixed in a way it just gets into your head (when cranked up!).  Hexagram seals side A and has a very different vibe to start with the effected guitar and is more smooth and stoner rock like. Great vocals. Great song.

Side B starts off with In the Light and this reminds me of Sleep. Very heavy shit, man. IT has this choir like part as well and a nice solo section. Benediction Moon (hear the track below) continues with the mean heavy riffs and mid paced material as you sort of get hypnotized by the stoney doom. Later on some melodic guitar is played with a nice keyboard to compliment below. Temple Stone starts with a few sitar strums and a repeated bass line before the monster riff kicks in for one last journey. If you liked the first 2 records you will dig this one as well. The record comes in a very nice gatefold and there are several editions, standard black vinyl, very cool marbled dark green and a die hard edition with an AOA incense stick holder.

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