Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Unimother 27- Fiore Spietato (Pineal Gland PG008)

Unimother is an all instrumental mostly one man project from Italy. It has been quite a few years since I reviewed one of Piero Ranalli’s albums. This is the 5th album under this name since 2006.  Pieroplays the bass, guitar and synths while, Mr Fist plays the drums. His wife made the amazing cover painting for the CD. The entire CD artwork is very cool and there are small quotes for each song inside the CD sleeve to inspire you. The CD starts off with There is no Trip for Cats! Cool name.  This is a track with a heavy riff and then some very cool multilayered guitar soloing. Later, the guitars nearly disappear and a synths solo kicks in (You can hear it below). Hierophantes is a nearly 10min track with a more bluesy feel and slower pace but some very cool multilayered and psychedelic guitar parts. Something about the Clouds starts with a repeated keyboard line and the layers on this one get quite intense. The Wheels of Memory begins with some very spacey guitar (nicely panned at times) and the main guitar theme. After about 2mins the drums kick in.  Piero really plays a great solo on this track, more straight up and less effects but very tasteful playing and the bass is more well mixed into the sound.  At 4mins though he can no longer resist and the guitar is now in two layers, a rhythm and more psychedelic effected one but still in full solo mode! At 6mins some big changes occur and keyboards filter in and the soloing becomes more intense. A nice 10min trip. Fiero Spietato closes the album and is the longest track at almost 15mins in length. Another guitar solo heavy work out but a bit more song structure.  If you like long guitar solos, check this album out. One sample track below..

If I have one complaint about the CD, it is I don’t really like the sound production. The drums are too separate from the music and so dry sounding and the bass is mixed a bit too low on several of the tracks. Anyway.. check it out, some great and amazing guitar playing.

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