Wednesday, March 29, 2017


It has been a few years since I heard a Floorian CD. Jerry at Aural Innovations is a friend and fan of these guys and put us in contact. Although this album came out last year, I felt I needed to tell you about it.  This is the bands 4th record (2004, 2009, 2016) and features 6 tracks of dreamy psychedelic music. The first track has a very eastern feel with the way the organ is played. Quite spacey stuff especially the vocals on this relaxed track.  From on High has a more heavy guitar riff but a slow relaxed pace with again spacey vocals but a catchy chorus (like Wooden Shjips or something).  Good contrasts in this track.  Face is very spaced out and psychedelic.  Icaro features a quite simple guitar line, spacey drone synth and a simple sung vocal (no words).  This really evolves into a very cool song with a far out drone ending. Spinning Time brings back a more melodic stoned rock and roll vibe.  Agra Man closes this album and has a slow spacey fade up with a repeated guitar line and dreamy synth.  The eastern theme and a table like drum appears in this long track. Cool stuff guys..

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