Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Kris Gietkowski- Songs from the first album by Egg (Fruits de Mer, Strange Fish 8)

This is a pretty interesting jazzy, instrumental organ driven remake of the first EGG record from 1970.  I don’t actually own the original but I remember my friend Malcolm Humes (RIP), played EGG for me a few times. Egg was Dave Stewart's (Organ player in Egg, Hatfield and the North, Soft Machine and National Health (all great bands!) band. What is most interesting is that Kris (from Poland but living in England) plays all the instruments on this record! THe long Symphony No. 2 is my favorite part of the album. YOu can hear the original below and maybe check out Kris's version at the link below for the record label. A great version of this old classic...

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