Thursday, July 7, 2016

Tangle Edge- Infinity Steps Back (Pancromatic Records PLP2012)

The Narvik, Norway based trio are back with a new record. I believe this is their 7th studio album. The band have been recording on and off since the late 70s, making them Norway’s, longest continuously running band! This current line-up, has been playing for the last 16 years and features Ronald Nygard (guitar), Hasse Horrigmoe (bass) and Tom Streidberg (drums). Ronald and Hasse have been in all the line ups of the band. This new record features 4 album side long tracks, all recorded live in the studio with no overdubs. Side A starts off with The Discovery of Transparent Thresholds. The track fades in fast and is lead by the bass and drums while Ronald slowly finds where he wants to take the track with his guitar playing. 5mins in Ronald plays a long and fluid guitar solo.  Around at 12 mins the track sort of ends but not really and all instruments stop and a new journey starts, driven by some cool spacey stuff that leads to a new bass line and some really intense wah guitar. Intense track. Vanishing Formations fills side B and continues a similar journey but starts more slowly by 5mins Ronald is starting to take the lead with some bluesy, jazzy feeling to it.  Hasse is experimenting with some cool pedals and string techniques in the next section as Ronald starts to take it to the next level around 7 mins and this continues til the end of the track with amazing guitar while Tom and Hasse keep it steady and flowing.  The track dips down and disappears and reappears in a new shape around 17mins. Chains of Interuption Appear is the name of Side 3.  The bass line is a bit more grooving on this track and again Ronald attack with some killer wah guitar work outs. The guitar parts become a bit more spacey at the end of the track while the bass line has this quite dark and mysterious feeling. Side D finishes off the record with Initiating concentric forces of Repeal.  Love the bass sound on this track as Tom and Hasse create an unusual rhythm for Ronald to noodle over. Sometimes the playing is a bit dreamy in a special way... Cool record but you need to be really listening to appreciate it...

There are 200 copies on multicoloured vinyl and 400 black vinyl in a gatefold sleeve. Check the links below...

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