Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sidewalk Society- S/T 7” (Fruits de Mer Records Crustacean 73)

Sidewalk Society are a California band that specialize on covering songs from the 60s, so they are a natural band to hook up with Fruits de mer records.  This 7” features 4 tracks and starts off with Can’t help thinking about Me by David Bowie and the Lower Third. A quite uptempo and fun song. I had never heard the original. Look at the View, is by a band called Action that I don’t know at all.  This one that just makes you smile as this is such a happy song with some fun parts. The end reminds me of the Beatles. The B-side of the single starts with a Bowie track from 1980 that was on a single called Can’t help thinking about Me. The vocal is very different from the previous track and a more like spoke word delivery. Strange Roads by the Action closes this 7”.. 4 solid tracks. Sadly, none of these have been uploaded to youtube for you to hear!

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