Thursday, June 16, 2016

Soft Hearted Scientists-Golden Omens 2CD (The Hip Replacement 009)

Golden Omens is the 7th album by this Cardiff based Welsh band.  I have reviewed some of their material in the past. The album, although only about 60mins of music (in 27 tracks), it is split over two CDs.. not sure why, but that is the way it is. There are a lot of short instrumental tracks that tie the other tracks together. Principal Edwards Magic Theatre style 60s music for the modern ear with lyrics reflecting today and the past! Lots of interesting and short vocal tracks mixed with instrumental ones. The album goes by pretty fast when you listen to it and it has a great sound production. Below is a link for a recent live video of one of the bands rare live performances. None of the tracks from this album are yet available for streaming that I am aware of.

One hundred copies of brand new double CD album “Golden Omens’ plus free A2 poster is available direct from the band from 1st June. Cost is £12 including postage in the UK; £14 outside UK.

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