Friday, January 24, 2014

Spelljammer- Inches from the Sun/Vol II (STB Records)

Spelljammer are a great new four piece Swedish band. They had previously released a really cool record on the US label (STB). This tape was released in 2013 in a limited edition of 100 copies (I have number 87) in a cloth bag with two stickers and a pin. As with the first record, this one was mixed and mastered by Billy Anderson! Aun’s Mountain starts things off with some heavy doomy stuff.  I like the long delays on the vocals.  It does not stay all slow though; there are some faster parts as well. Electric Ground reminds me a lot of Sleep but the sound is not as massive. Space Reefer is the most melodic of the tracks on this side but still with a really heavy bass sound and an awesome wah guitar solo. Mountaininside is one of the most doomy tracks on the tape and quite psychedelic at times.  Witcher starts with a slow bass line and guitar feedback before the monster riff kicks in.  This one has some really cool spacey guitar in it. Nine is also a cool number with some really intense drumming at the end. Rise of the Sonic Surfer ends the cassette in a heavy doomy fashion and vocal and groove that is very SLEEP inspired. Overall, this is a really cool release and one I have enjoyed a lot and heard like 5 times in the last couple of weeks.

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