Friday, January 24, 2014

Death Hawks- BETA, Copenhagen, DK 1/23/14

Sue had arrived from London this afternoon and I really wanted to go see this new Finnish band that my friend Santtu had recommended. I had not yet received their new record but had seen a couple of videos (Black Acid) on you tube and liked what I saw. Anyway, we arrived about 10 and completely missed the opening band, which my friend Ole, said was very average and nothing special at all. Met up with Anders, Nanna, Rhona, and Jens. The band hit the stage like 22:10 and played about 45mins or so. I don’t know how to describe them, a bit like Wolf People maybe. It is a bit bluesy, but with a lot of space rock like synths giving it a special psychedelic flavour. The keyboard player also played short saxophone pieces in a few tracks. The singer and guitar player (also in the band Seremonia) has a great voice but plays very little lead guitar, which I really missed on the longer tracks. They played a really killer long slide guitar track (Holy Water). They ended the set with Black Acid. The audience really wanted more so finally after like 5mins, the singer came out and played the old blues song, Death don’t have no Mercy by himself and that was it. I spoke to the band to get the set list and they were really cool guys. I filmed the last three songs of the show so check them out and enjoy!

Set List: Night Children, Death has not Reprieve, Cain go Home, Shinning, Quiet Sun, Holy Water, Black Acid, Death don’t have no Mercy

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