Friday, January 24, 2014


I am big fan of Southern rock and especially Blackberry Smoke. Since I actually got to see the concert that the three Lynryd Skynryd tracks were taken from, I thought I would buy this one. LS starts off side A with three tracks live from the Sweden Rock Festival 2012. It is a pity that they pressed these 1000 records and no one noticed that the Swedish town, close to where Sweden Rock is held was misspelled. The proper spelling is Sölvesborg, not Slovesburg. On the backside of the record it is also misspelled differently. Anyway, it is all about the music, right? The LS side is just as disappointing as the concert itself was. This is a band that basically sleep walks live. These are great songs (What’s your Name, That Smell and Simple Man) but damn the band plays with so little emotion now. Johnny nearly just speaks the words, hardly sings them and the guitar players have no fire at all. It gets much better when you flip the record over. Blackberry Smoke have a great set of songs, sing very passionately and are having fun. All three of the tracks here are from the band’s latest album, The Whippoorwill and Six Ways to Sunday and Pretty Little Lie are played nearly identical to the record but Ain’t much left of Me has a great Led Zeppelin- When the Levee Breaks interlude, which is really cool. A fun album. It is pressed on 180gm vinyl and has excellent sound. Enjoy.

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