Sunday, October 16, 2011

Rotor- Festsaal Kreuzberg (Elektrohasch CD152)

As the title suggests, this is a live concert recording of Rotor’s powerful concert from Nov 14th, 2009 in Berlin (Kreuzberg district). The songs are all from the bands last two records and pretty similar versions to the records as the band don’t really jam or improvise much at all. So you might ask, why would you want this if you have the bands last two records?? Good question? All I can say is that the sound is really good and the energy level and they way the band mix the songs up is great and I found the more time I heard this, the more I got sucked into it. For those who don’t know Rotor, they are a Berlin based all instrumental groove rock band. Not a lot of guitar solos but a lot of complex and interesting song structures that take cool twists and runs and usually keep you pretty engaged featuring powerful drums and bass with dynamic riffing. A damn cool band for sure and now you can hear them live!

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