Sunday, October 16, 2011

9 Chambers- Stashed Gems EP (Private Release)

9 Chambers is the new band with Ed Mundell (ex-Monster Magnet), Vinnie Appice (Black Sabbath), Jorgen (Gov’t Mule) and Greg Hampton on guitar and vocals (Lita Ford, Alice Cooper). They have just released their debut CD and this is some extra material that they sent out to the first 50 fans who ordered the CD after they announced it on Facebook. I was lucky enough to get one. The CD-R has 5 tracks in 20 mins. I don’t know how it compares with the CD since I have not heard that yet. The band plays heavy 70s style rock with lots and lots of lead guitar. The vocals are a bit intense and forced at times like on track 2. The opening track (Lightning is gonna strike me down?), has a lot of ripping guitar nearly all the way through the track and a pretty heavy groove. Track 2 (Swept Away) is in a very similar vein as the first track and reminds me a bit of old Soundgarden. The 3rd track is a killer instrumental jam that they fade into and could have been an old Atomic Bitchwax like track. This is by far the coolest thing on this EP. Track 4 (Goin’ in LA?) starts with a guitar sound and into an intense solo and the main part of the song sounds a bit like Aerosmith when they do the pop chorus stuff. Other than that, it rocks. The last track (You’re not all Alone) is another uptempo track with a bit of a psychedelic mix with some really cool guitar and effects. I don’t have any proper song titles so I just guessed. A pretty cool band but I don’t like the vocals at all really, so I hope they do a lot of jamming live as the songs are a bit overproduced even though the sounds is raw and psychedelic at times. Vinnie has never in his entire career (at least that anyone has ever heard!) played on stuff like track 3 and Jorgen (who is totally used to jamming in Gov’t Mule) laids down some thick bass for sure, while Ed does what he does best and plays killer lead guitar. Greg, I am not familiar but he must be the one who charts out the standardized songs structures, which are not that interesting for me. I look forward to cranking the real CD when I get it.

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