Tuesday, September 6, 2016

ROBB& POTT- Once upon the Wings (Nasoni Records)

Robb (3rd ear Experience) and Pott (Space Invaders) have collaborated to make a really cool space rock record.  The songs all except one were created in California and Germany with tracks passed back and forth via cyberspace.  Robb and Paul Pott play all the instruments. Flesh ´n Steel is a cool melodic spacey track with a laid back vocal and fantastic long guitar section. Grass is actually a cover of Sam Gopal and features Robb’s wife reading a segment of a poem by Ingrid Jonker. Damn cool version of the original. The original is very stoned and this has a bit more light and colour to it. Prophecy #1 was live in Germany on the 3rd ear experience Europe tour 2015. This is a really cool track, hypnotic, dreamy and probably my favorite on the album. Amazing jam with DNS GKL on drums. Looney Toon is an old Robb track that he pulled up and reworked from his archive. This reminds me of Bob Calvert Hawkwind era stuff. Space Ear is the last track and a high energy space rock number with some great melodic energy…. Very cool record…  As one might expect it sounds like a mix of 3rd ear experience and Space Invaders.

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