Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Deep Space Destructors- Spring Break from Space 2015 (Self Released)

Deep Space Destructors are a really cool psychedelic space rock band from Oulu Finland. They just did a small tour this spring of Finland, Estonia and Lativa? And released this tape in only 30 numbered copies to go along with the tour. It features one long track on each side. Journey to the Space Mountain starts off heavy and spaced out and then it has some really cool dynamics and reminds me of old First band from Outer Space stuff.  This is really cool heavy psychedelic space rock with some synths swirling around here and there as the rest of the band blast full force onto the Space Mountain! Flip the tape over for Where space ends time Begins. This one starts off like a jam as the band slowly comes together for the flight. They are really teasing as you wait for them to get more heavy but they just stay out in space until but somehow it just feels more and more intense and then it ends.. Cool stuff from Finland!

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