Monday, April 6, 2015


God Unknown label run by the Mugstar guys has released 4 singles so far and this is the best one yet! Carlton Melton starts things off with a track called Harbringer. It was recorded at the Dome and mixed by Rich but I have no idea what year. Sounds like it could be some of the more recent material. Heavy, droney guitar and synth with some raw drumming but mixed higher than on a lot of their records. Rich plays all the bass and a very spaced out guitar solo. Stoned..  Flip the record over and you have the track, Astraeus by Mind Mountain from the UK. This is a new band for me but I really loved this track. They are a trio (Joe, Marc and Dave). Joe plays the killer guitar and keys (organ sound), Marc the bass and Dave the drums. Great intensity in the music and a nice spacey middle section.

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