Monday, July 15, 2013

Vágtázò Hallottkémek-Veled Haraptat csillagot! (Full Contact Records KRYPT-034)

The Galloping Coroners are back with another record, the first one in ages. I still remember when my friend Carl got Hammering at the Gates of Nothingness from Freak Emporium in 1994 and it totally blew us away! The main man from VHK, Grandpierre has made a few records with the Galloping Wonder Stags but not this group in quite some time. The musicians are also totally different and only the bass player remains from the old line up of the band from the 90s. Anyway, there are 7 long tracks on the record with a lot of spoken and sung words telling really far out and interesting stories, like North American shaman stuff mixed with astrophysical universe and reality. Handshake opens the record is a cool piece with a more folky guitar line and lots of lyrics and is pretty relaxed.  The next two tracks are more upbeat, Falling into Love and the short The Celebration of Life which is really fast. Inner Universe finished side A with a more laid back psychedelic feeling and acoustic guitar to start but then it gains in intensity as towards the end. Moons towards east is more like the opening track of the first side and is quite melodic to start but builds up in intensity. Winged Sky is probably my favourite track on the record as it mixes all the elements of what the band does best. The Hun Brotherhood ends this record. The music is nearly as wild, crazy as the past records but it still is really psychedelic as you can’t really understand what he is going on about with such passion, while the band plays a mix of folky, tranced out music in the background. Far out stuff from Hungary! What a surprise to hear another record by these guys. I wonder if they will tour.

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