Sunday, July 7, 2013

Queen Elephantine- Scarab (Cosmic Eye EYE005)

It has been some time since I have heard these guys. I liked the stuff on the split with Sons of Otis. The album features 4 tracks and was recorded on a single day in May 2012.  Veil starts things off is a slow steady drum rhythm and a bit of an eastern drone going on in the background. This album was mastered by Billy Anderson, so this usually gives a pretty massive sound when cranked up. Make sure you play it loud otherwise you miss the small details that are sprinkled into the soundscape. It takes a couple of minutes before the guitar kicks in with a strange riff. It builds up and the two drummers get faster and faster and then returns to the slow doomy evil drone and vocal comes in. Crone takes up the rest of the side and is a very slow track with spacey sounds and stuff, good for a slow evil torture scene in a horror film. One must be very patient otherwise you could get pretty bored as this is really slow stuff. The vocal comes back and the end part gets more intense. Reminds me a bit of Dark Budda Rising but it does not have such a massive sound or presence. The end is just plain strange and trippy. A very unique band and sound. Flip the record over for Snake, which starts quite slow but the vocals come in nearly right away. This is like 20 beats a minute stuff so be patient and crawl like a snake as you reach for your bong…. Clear light of the Unborn is another close to 10min track that ends this slow, doom drone stoned experience. It starts with a lot of voices all mixed in a far out like chant that gets more far out and then the music kicks in and that same disturbing horror siren that you have heard on a few of the other songs makes you feel like death is coming soon and someone will appear from behind the bathroom door and stab you to death and you will bleed, bleed black blood that will ooze into the next room and out into the yard and down the street and into the ocean……………..

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