Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pothead- Jackpot (Janitor Records JRC1017)

Pothead is back with their new record, their first with a new drummer. This record took only a little over a year to make, while there was like a 3 year break between Rocket Boy and Pottersville. Anyway, this one is a short one with 12 tracks in 35mins and it totally kicks ass. I am really hooked on this record. Jackpot, the title track starts things off with a real rocking groove and a heavy metal guitar riff. Brad is doing a great solo as well. Quite a lot more guitar solos on this record in general and some brad is singing as well as he ever has if not the best! Rhyme in Time has a very catchy rhythm and hook and driven by acoustic guitar strumming groove. Brad sings mostly in a higher register. Nice wah guitar solo and interesting keyboard interlude as well. Drone- one two one, generation… that is the catchy chorus based on this slow track with a really chunky heavy guitar riff and the songs tells a cool story. Amazing song. Emotion of the Potion is a faster track but damn catchy. When the chorus kicks in, the guitar riff kicks it up to another level as the new drummer keeps the killer steady groove and it is a huge surprise when the Kurzweil kicks in but there are many tracks with keyboards on this record actually. You could also most see this turn into some sort of house techno track at the end if the real bass was replaced by a techno thump.. but please don’t do that…  Overblown brings the intensity down and starts with a keyboard swirl and then Brad takes over the ballad. Frame in your Mind also has a keyboard drone in this sort of spacey and very cool track. Old Bitter has this chunk chunk guitar riff drive but a strong melodic thread as the track builds and builds in intensity. Bombay has a very quirky lyrical path and is a strange funny happy track and then Brad kicks in with this heavy guitar riff and then the keyboards. Quite a trippy track. Boiler maker is a heavy one while Detroit is the fastest track on the record and real rocker until the mid section where Brad takes a little guitar break and Jeff lays down the dope bass groove. A bit to short and quite a shock when they kick back in.. Rock Satellite sounds like a Judas Priest song off Point of Entry! Cool… Northern Lights ends this great record with a mix of heavy and melodic. Great lyrics. How the hell does Brad come up with some many cool fucking songs again. Some really different ideas but in the end it all still sounds like Pothead…. Bang your pot head… (German Pothead Fan Club)

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