Sunday, March 4, 2012

Gnod-Chaudelande Volume 2 (Tamed Records TMD-003)

Gnod are back with the 2nd lp of material that they record in France last year. There are 3 tracks of very spaced out stuff. Side A starts off with Man on the Wine (autobiographical, perhaps?). It starts slowly with bells, slow drums and like a choir. This fades out and the drums and bass come in followed by the repetitive rhythm as the synths loop and it just slowly builds up with some far out delay vocals that you can’t really understand, simply for an effect to space your head out. The end is really tripped. Entrance is next.. Entrance to a quite freaked out place, I would say.. It is quite similar to the first track with the massive delay vocals but the synth sounds come across more intense in these crazy waves. The guitar also has some really intense parts as the riff gets really cool when it is half way through the track. Heavy spaced out stuff at the end. Awesome track. Flip the record over for the 17min Genocider! This is a quite heavy track and remind me of a more spaced out version of Ministry! They really channel that vibe but in a more low fi way. It slows down as they fade down the repeated heavy guitar riff and bring the drums and strangeness to the front before they kick back in and blast your head straight back into the cosmic blender! Phew.. be careful, as this music really messes with your head. I do not recommend headphones.. Could send you to the hospital… You have been warned…

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