Friday, July 15, 2011

United- Tear of Illusions (Spiritual Beast IUCP-16102)

United is a thrash metal band from Japan who is still going strong. This is the bands 11th release. The band has just released a 12CD box set to celebrate 30 years together. This album is around 1 hr long and features 12 songs of hard hitting 80s style thrash music. The 10 min track Devil with Halo is very special. I have some of the bands earliest material and followed them in the 80’s when I had my fanzine Metal Madness and honestly, had not heard them in some years and I was really surprised at how solid this record is. The band still really thrashes and rock. Of course there is nothing totally new in this but if you like the old school 80s thrash style stuff, you will also dig this.

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